The School Runs Various Programmes Viz: Preliminary National Innovative Diploma, National Innovative Diploma And Professional Diplomas. The Preliminary National Innovative Diploma In Management Studies Prepare Student For Managemt – Related Courses Of NBTE Acredited NID Programmes Of The Institution And Other ICT Professional Certifications Bodies.

Our prospective students have a lot to benefit from our diverse group of students from every part of Nigeria and will be exposed to practical as well as theoretical knowledge thought by experts in their various field of endeavor. Students will also study, carry out researches and have fun in an environment that is calm and knowledge assimilated easily. We are happy taking our prospective students on a campus tour to enable them see our library, lecture halls, accommodation and laboratories where future leaders of the technology world are moulded. Students will be encouraged to seek and receive information bothering them about their stay at the Polytechnic, its lecturers, courses and the locality which will become their new home. We have also decided that prospective students can attend lecturers to have a feel of the powerful lecture delivery in an institution like ours.

Professional programs have also been designed by our institution to see that students who might have finished from technical colleges or High schools have what it takes to prepare them for higher institutions or careers. The development of this programs are handled by experienced specialist who are prepared to impart knowledge on our students anytime anyday.


We will ensure that students are engaged with intensive course work merged with group projects which will in the long run aid in communication skills, planning, effective management and independent thinking. Skills, equipment and adequate training is one good feature students are assured they will have from us.

Lots of activities are lined up to make the students enjoy their stay at the campus. Football competitions will be held across all departments and prizes will be given to the winning teams. Badminton, Volley Ball and Lawn tennis games will not be excluded in this list and a variety of other sports known to man.

Besides, students will be going on excursions which are most strategic to their fields of study to enable them have a better grasp of their courses.


It is our place to increase our number of Programs to enable us attract the best and brightest students from all over the globe. This will also aid in assembling the best lecturers from all countries of the world. Programs will be tailored to fit the specific demands of every student as this will lead Nigeria into a society that will make our graduates create jobs and not seek for any.